Association Rules and Regulations

1. Lake tags will beissued to lot owners who have paid the current years
maintenance fee. Lot owners will be responsible for all tags issued to their property.

2. Lake tags must be worn by Residents, Lot Owners and Guests. Tags should be visible.

3. Private property. No trespassing. Residents, lot owners and guests only.

4. Property owners are responsible for the conduct and actions of their guest at all times.

5. No swimming after 9:00 pm.

6. Alcohol will not be allowed in the beach area.

7. Dogs will not be allowed in the beach area.

8. Fishing will not be allowed in the swimming area.

9. No disorderly conduct.

10. All Rules and Regulations of the Missouri State Conservation Commission will apply.

11. No trot lines, jug lines or unattended fishing lines are permitted.

12. All Terrain Vehicles, motor bikes, motor cycles, motor scooters and such like equipment will not be permitted and is prohibited from operating on Homes Association property.

Note: A complete list of Rules and Regulations may be obtained at City Hall
or by contacting any Association Director.


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